Friday, November 18, 2016

Unsanitary Toilet Facility

      Most recently, during the annual Clean and Green evaluation of the barangay, 23 households were noted to have a deficiency in toilet facilities. 11% or 23 households do not have a sanitary toilet facility while 4% or 9 households do not have toilet bowls.

      After a long-awaited process, Councilor Bihag has generously donated 10 sacks of cement to 10 households in the barangay. The cementing process of the toilet facilities is going underway and the deficient households have already made a promise to acquire toilet bowls from the LGU.

      On the team’s return next month, the households shall be re-evaluated on their toilet facilities. A puppetry presentation tackling on sanitary toilet facilities and practices shall be conducted in the elementary school along with the very important and universal hand washing tradition. 

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