Barangay Goin

Goin is a humble barrio hidden in the mountainous terrain of the Municipality of Liloy, The Peanut Capital of Zamboanga del Norte. The rich beauty of Goin comes deep from its fertile agricultural land that gives life to nature to the kind-hearted welcome of the Bisayan residents. The people are all, if not, farmers who tend to the survival of their own barangay.

The arrival of the 8 medical students of the Ateneo de Zamboanga University – School of Medicine brought the season of harvest to start. While there, we came to know the lives of these simple folks, their highs and lows, their delights and grieves, their charity and needs. Despite the difficulties in their community, these were the fruitage we gained from their generosity.

Come planting season, we will go back no longer to harvest, but to sow solutions to their health problems, sow additions in place of absence, Goin the distance to sow new hope for a golder Goin.



The name of the barangay was derived from a very rich man of Subanen descent named Goin. He was a noble philanthropist who loved to help those people who were in need. He would frequently hold feasts to feed the people. Because of this reputation, people from different places would visit him. If a person was bound to Goin’s place, he would say “Mu-adto ko kang Going” meaning “I will go to Going”, and people started to call this area where Going lived as “lugar ni Going” meaning “place of Going”. Hence, this place was named after him to honor his nobility. Eventually, the place was officially named Barangay Goin last March 30, 1974.

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