Thursday, October 30, 2014

The GOINnitiaive: First Aid and BLS Training

One of the highlights of the medical students’ exposure this month is the conduction of a First Aid and BLS Training of volunteer participants. The activity was managed by the medical students of sister barangay Goaw, and the medical students of barangay Goin.

Both groups have planned the activity for days. Committees of the program were made and roles were equally designated to each member of the groups. Preparations began 5 days prior to the workshop training.

The first aid and BLS training strategy falls under the health plan of Hypertension which is managed by Apple Mae Roullo and Zain Al-Abiddin Nuruddin. Doctor Nuruddin served as the supervisor and informant of the GOINnovategroup regarding the plan of activitieswhich is discussed with the members of the GinlawGoaw group. Doctor Roullo collaborated with Barangay Goin’s head of the Health Committee, Hon. Felix Villanueva, in recruiting volunteer participants for the workshop training.

On the 18th of October, the GOINnovate group kicked off the start of the program with 14 Goin participants and God’s blessing.

The program started at 10:00AM. The participants took a pre-test on First Aid and BLS prior to the start of the workshop proper.

The program was a success and ended at 3:00 PM. Recognition for the invaluable support of the trainers were given. The participants also received certificates of their participation. 

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