Sunday, January 8, 2017


The incidence of unmanaged hypertension in the community of Goin is declining as several more are diagnosed and given antihypertensive medication. This decline is attributed to the team’s active case finding of hypertensives with the assistance of the hypertensive patrol group which influences the residents to submit themselves regularly for BP monitoring.
            Currently, 8 residents are scheduled for check-up with Dr. Digamon to be diagnosed and prescribed with medication.
            An additional 2 diagnosed hypertensive individuals have been added in the masterlist. In total, 37 individuals have been diagnosed and have managed hypertension. To promote healthy lifestyle, the team continues their regular dance exercise routine with the residents at the barangay covered court. Volleyball or Basketball games are also done afterwards with the more sports-inclined residents.
           Finally, the hypertension patrollers have mobilized and started regularly checking hypertensive residents’ BPs for monitoring, they also constantly remind the residents to adhere to a healthy lifestyle; eat healthily, and perform regular exercises to control blood pressure.

         For their last exposure, the team plans to bring the last batch of presumed hypertensive residents at the RHU for check-up, establish a blood pressure monitoring station per district, update the BP monitoring cards of hypertensive residents, finalize the hypertensive masterlist of Barangay Goin.

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