Sunday, January 8, 2017



       It has been a no-brainer that water is primarily the most important thing needed for survival. That’s why, Water remains as the most essential and primary CHP of the community.

Last exposure, the team started the distribution of different water treatment apparatuses to select households. More of these treatment methods were distributed to households that collect their drinking water from unprotected sources during a seminar on Safe Storage of Drinking Water by guest speakers from the Department of Science and Technology conducted at the barangay covered court.

As a result, 50 out of the 50 households that collect drinking water from unprotected water sources practice proper water treatment methods and safe storage of drinking water.
Re-chlorination of main water sources was also done as per monthly schedule.

And a Barangay Resolution for Monthly Chlorination of Water Sources has been raised and approved by the barangay council.

In the last 3 months of the team’s exposure, the team intends to check on the final drafting of the barangay resolution for regular chlorination of main water sources, and re-testing of the 3 main water sources of the barangay to ensure the effectiveness of the chlorination.

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