Friday, November 18, 2016

High Prevalence of Tuberculosis

       In 2011, barangay Goin had a Tuberculosis prevalence of 4 cases. In 2014, 1 TB case was present, while 3 showed presumptive signs and symptoms. 2 of these have sought consult. However, they were lost to follow-up. There was not active case finding in the community then.
      The team has constructed a community health plan on Tuberculosis Detection in 2014 and has now progressed to implementing active case findings in the barangay through the newly installed TB Task Force.

      Latest findings show an identified 14 TB presumptive cases. To encourage health-seeking behavior among this group, the TB Task Force was sent to conduct health teaching on TB in these households.

      These identified persons were also advised to submit their selves at the barangay health station for DSSM. Currently, 7 out of the 14 identified have tested negative for PTB.

      Although half of the suspected TB carriers tested negative, the second half are yet to submit their selves for DSSM testing. The high detection rate has proved that active case finding partnered with knowledge on PTB by the TB Task Force is effective and is will be urged to continue.

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