Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Meet and Greet

The second day from our arrival in Barangay Goin, we felt homesick so we decided to fill our days with activities. The first thing we did was to conduct an ocular survey of the community. It was a very nice community; all of the people are so welcome even if they did not know who we were and what were we doing in their place. We reached as far as the last boundary of the community going north. I said to myself that I am going to enjoy my stay here because I really love nature.

The next day, we met with our barangay officials as part of our courtesy call. The officials were headed by their Barangay chairman named Alberto Callao. They are all very welcoming too and they expressed their readiness to help us in case we need their assistance. The people of barangay goin eventually knew us and knew our intentions which were to improve and develop the community through empowerment.

The week after we arrived in Barangay Goin, we were called by the Municipal Health Officer to come to her office so that we will be able to meet her and her staff in the rural health unit. Again, we had to travel and experience the rocky terrain just to reach the poblacion where the Rural Helath Unit was situated. There we met the Municipal Health Officer together with her staff. We also showed her our calendar of activities. We asked for her comments about our survey tool and she approved it. We were also introduced to the midwife that works for the people of Barangay Goin.

All in all, I felt very lucky to be assigned here in Barangay Goin since all the people here are good and very hospitable. The Barangay officials were very helpful and the MHO and her staff were always ready to help us if we need their assistance including the health indices of the community. I easily became attached to the people of Barangay Goin and because of this I, together with my team, will t=do our best to achieve our goals in improving and developing this community.

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