Sunday, January 8, 2017



              The recent months have seen a great progress in the health plan on toilet facilities. Several activities have been accomplished in the school and household levels.

            As part of promoting the use of sanitary toilet facilities and personal hygiene, a Puppetry presentation was conducted for the elementary school students. This was spearheaded by project leader Dr. Leo Siaotong. Dr. Leo was able to seek the assistance of Mr. Kiko Miranda to train the elementary school teachers on how to perform theater for a young audience.


            The elementary school teachers were each given scripts and roles for the play and had practice sessions with Dr. Leo to better prepare for the actual day of presentation.
            The puppets were made and enhanced by the team’s gifted artist, Dr Leo, himself.

            On the day of the presentation, all elementary students were assessed for their handwashing practices prior to eating. Team members in the guise of sentinel observers, took note of each student’s handwashing practices. After which, the puppetry show was performed. All students watched in excitement.
            The puppetry show was a success. 80% of the students were present and were able to learned the importance of proper hygiene.

            At the barangay level, the community was finally able to acquire a total of 19 toilet bowls from the LGU through the help of Sanitary Inspector Mr. Ian Obina.

            15 Sanitary toilet facilities were constructed in the barangay (15 cements and 5 toilet bowls). In total, 191/199 households have sanitary toilet facilities, with only 8 more households left.


             On the last exposure, the team plans to complete the construction of sanitary toilet facilities in the remaining households, and to perform a handwashing demonstration for the elementary school students with evaluation of handwashing practices post-intervention.

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