Sunday, January 8, 2017




            Barangay Goin maintains its pride in raising their standards for a cleaner and greener barangay. The community remains, compliant to the importance of practicing proper ecological solid waste management, in the school, home, and barangay levels, as evidenced by a rise in statistics.
The Seminar Workshop on Waste Segregation, Recycling, and Composting has finally covered all the remaining districts. Pamphlets on Household ESWM by DENR-EMB has also been distributed to all households.

Following each seminar workshop, labels of “Malata, Di-Malata, Recyclable” for household trash bins were distributed to each household representative.

In total, barangay Goin has improved its ESWM practices since 2014. Currently, 61% (122/199) households practice proper segregation, 38% (75/199) households practice composting, and 91% (181/199) households practice recycling.

As the CHP nears to a close, the remaining activities that are to be done in the last exposure are assisting in the creation of compost pits in the districts and households, trash recycling livelihood workshop by TESDA, monthly monitoring of ESWM practices, and disengagement.

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