Tuesday, October 27, 2015

“Malata” and “Dili-Malata”


            This month, the project with the major leap goes to the Solid Waste Management. Team newbie Roxanne D. Reyes – Ate Rox – began the advocacy of proper solid waste disposal at the team’s home by labeling trashcans with Biodegradable, Non-biodegradable, and Recyclables. In fairness to this proposition, life at the GOINnovate home became a lot less messy.
            Following that, Doc Rox spearheaded the Waste Analyzing and Characterization Study on two households per districts. Each household was given two empty sacks that served as garbage reservoirs; these were labeled with “Malata” and “Dili-Malata”. The households were instructed to dispose their garbage on the proper receptacles for the next 4 days. After 4 days, the sacks were collected, weighed, and segregated. The team identified the different kinds of wastes that the households disposed. With this information, Doc Rox called all representatives of each household in the experimental district, district 5. She conducted a Waste Segregation health teaching, identifying where particular wastes should properly be disposed in. The representatives actively participated in the activity, including agreeing to begin waste segregation at home.
            A week later, the team began preparing the placards for trashcan labels in district 5. The wooden planks were provided by the barangay, while the paint and brushes were bought from the generous financial support of medical doctors in Zamboanga City. Three placards were prepared for each household, each with the labels “Malata,” “Dili-Malata,” and “Recyclables.”
            On distribution of these placards, it was with great awe that the team witnessed the compliance of each household to have three garbage receptacles and one compost pit. This would not have happened if it weren’t for the vigorous leadership of Councilor Dominador Tanudra and his wife, Jocelyn Tanudra, who persuaded each household to properly manage their garbage disposal.

            Currently, all households in district 5 are proud owners of labeled garbage containers and proper compost pits, and actively practice proper and sanitary waste disposal. Other districts noticed this astounding change in the community and are starting to construct their own compost pits and segregate their trashes. Because of this, the team has high hopes for the next community exposure – anticipating a cleaner and greener Barangay Goin.

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