Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mass BP Taking

A peaceful community like Barangay Goin would not suggest the presence of debilitating diseases like those in urban cities. The people here are frequenters of organic resources like vegetables, fruits, fish and meat. The main livelihood of the people also contributes to their healthy states. Farming requires a large amount of work that turns out to be a form of exercise. Interestingly, a lot of geriatrics in the community is above the age of 80 – a feat that becomes more and more unlikely in industrialized areas.

However, this does not imply that life in the province can be disease-free. Hypertension was found to be populous in the community which signaled an immediate call for intervention.

Secondary data on the population of hypertensives in Barangay Goin had been obtained. However, there was no record of even a single out-patient that sought consult. This prompted the medical students to conduct a mass blood pressure taking in the community.

Residents aged 20 and above were targeted as subjects for the activity. The students were assigned to their respective districts where they would go house to house and obtain information of the residents’ medical history. The queries were directed on data suggesting hypertension (signs and symptoms, medications, previous consult, family history, lifestyle, and others). Most importantly, 2 readings of the subjects’ blood pressures were obtained – the first during the initial visit, and the second was taken 24 hours after the first.

The students also made sure that they were available to take the residents’ blood pressures during community gatherings. Seeing the students’ dedication encouraged the people to have their blood pressures monitored daily, usually when they see the students passing by their houses or they themselves would visit the students in their home.

Identified hypertensives were immediately given health teaching regarding their condition and how to manage it. It was found that most diagnosed hypertensives do not comply with their treatment regimen and was unable to return to the doctor for follow-up. Many of the hypertensives are undiagnosed, having a family history of cardiac disease and Hypertension, itself, a lifestyle of smoking and drinking, and a diet high in salt and fat content – all of which are risk factors for developing Hypertension.

Hypertension is a dangerous disease that is not managed simply. It requires great concern and willingness to be treated on the part of the patient. Because of this, Hypertension has become one of the main health problems in the community. Rest assured that it has been prioritized and a goal to remedy the problem has been made, as were strategies, one of which was successfully implemented days after the data gathering.

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