Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hypertension Health Teaching

Following the house to house mass blood pressure taking, a health teaching plan was constructed by Apple Mae Roullo on the 14th of October. Residents of different clusters gathered in the barangay hall to attend the montly Family Development Sessions headed by the MSWD. Doctor Roullo judiciously collaborated with Ms. Hivy Reyes of the Pantwid Pamilyang Pilipino Program to append the conduction of the health teaching on Hypertension along with the FDS announcements. Both the 4Ps and SOM benefited in rapport and community-centered service on that day.

Cluster 1 was catered to in the morning, at 9AM while the health teaching for clusters 2 and 3 was provided in the afternoon at 1:30PM. Prior to the start of the health teaching, a pre-test on Hypertension concepts were given to the participants as baseline data to determine their initial level of knowledge on the subject. The test only lasted for 20 minutes, and then began the teaching.

The discussion focused soley on providing information and debunking myths on Hypertension. Concepts like normal value, risk factors, complications, management and prevention were discussed. Doctor Roullo expertly addressed the participants and was able to answer their questions.

After the health teaching, a post-test was given with the same questions as the pre-test to evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy. Results…

At the end of the assembly, the medical students stayed for another round of bp taking of the now educated and aware residents. The activity culminated in success and Barangay Goin now has educated and concerned people who are instilled with the initiative to take action for their health.

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