Saturday, September 3, 2016

Solid Waste Management Activities

            The last exposure left Barangay Goin with several unfinished business on its SWM program. The barangay was able to implement the labeling of trash bins in one district alone, a plan for the community Materials Recovery Facility was underway, and health teaching on the 3 R’s had only begun.
            On return from their hiatus, the team was able to notice several new additions in the community, including one particular object that was not present before: the community’s very own MRF. True to their promise, the barangay council was able to procure materials for the construction of a sturdy and appropriate MRF.

            With the municipal-wide Clean and Green evaluation for Barangay Goin fast approaching, the community was seen to be busier than ever. Residents were seen to be cleaning their yards, the health center had its first general cleaning for its official opening on the day of the evaluation, and the elementary school faculty and students were seen to be preparing decorations for the stage where the feedback program shall be held.
            On July 22, the municipal sanitary team and other collaborated agencies visited the barangay and dispersed to the different districts to inspect each and every household.

            When the evaluation finally finished, the sanitary team, barangay officials, elementary school faculty, and Team GOINnovate convened at the elementary school covered court for the feedback program spearheaded by the overall head of Clean and Green Program, Mr. Marlon Caingcoy, and Sanitary Inspector, Mr. Ian Obina.

            Extreme praise was given to Barangay Goin for this year’s Clean and Green evaluation. The evaluators expressed their admiration for the astonishing improvement of the barangay’s sanitation practices. Although falling short in the availability of trash bins in a few households, the development in SWM was clearly noticeable and very well deserved recognition. An even greater praise was awarded to the elementary school for its impressive SWM practices, school MRF, and school vegetable garden which were organized by the school’s Grade 6 adviser, Mrs. Josephine Amora.

            In celebration of Buwan ng Wika, SWM project leaders Doc Rox and Doc Louise arranged a Tagalog role-play containing elements of SWM education for the students of the elementary school. With the help of the school principal and school SWM head, Mrs. Amora, a free afternoon was provided for the SWM play.
            Immediately following the meeting, Team GOINnovate began their preparation for the play. Props were made from simple cartolinas; drawn and colored by creative members, Leo and Nat, and cut and pieced together by the less creative yet still reliable other members. J
[pics of preparation]
            Weeks prior to the set date of the play, the team already collected and washed pieces of plastics, cans, and bottles that would serve as “basura” props.

            Members of the team also practiced for the play, delegating roles as children, trees, monster, residents, mayor, and other flexible roles, and memorizing each role’s lines.
            Though already in their twenties, the team members were nervous for their first ever role play as a group with an audience of attentive school-aged children. Finally, the day has arrived. The team performed the Filipino comic book story, Basura Monster. The roles were as follows: Basura Monster – Doc Leo, Buboy – Doc Nat, Anna – Doc Ruby, Mayor – Doc Ralph, Townspeople/Trees – Doc Apple, Doc Nikki, and Doc Louise, and Narrator – Doc Rox.

            Post-performance, the students were asked questions regarding the play: where to throw a particular type of trash, why we need to properly segregate, and who their favorite character was. (No one favored the Mayor, sadly.) The students answered correctly as expected of the school with the best SWM system in the municipality! Despite several of the lines having spontaneous adlibs, some scenes losing the appropriate number of paper dead fishes, and moments when the Basura Monster just had to breathe from his suffocating head prop, the play was an inter-section success and must have deserved an Oscar award for Best Indie Play by Barrio Doctors. (Thank you very much!)
            Due to the shortness of the play, the team had more time to spend with the students and was invited by the faculty to perform a dance exercise with the children in the covered court. Everyone obliged, and the team headed the dance in yet another stage.
            The final activity for the SWM CHP during this first exposure was the resumption of the trash bin labeling in the remaining districts. Previously, all district 5 households had their own trash bins and were appropriately labeled. This was commended by the Clean and Green Committee during the barangay evaluation.
            The placards were provided by the barangay and painted by Team GOINnovate. A total of 25 placards were painted with the labels: Malata, Di-Malata, and Recyclable. These were subsequently handed on to district 4’s councilor for distribution to households with trash bins.

            On August 19, the medical students were invited as guests to the opening of Araw ng Liloy at the Municipal Hall where the Clean and Green competition results were announced. Last year, Barangay Goin, only placed 31st among 37 barangays. After the implementation of several SWM activities, Barangay Goin rocketed to ___ place in the Clean and Green evaluation. Although not within the Top 10, this was a big achievement for the community and was definitely taken with pride. Most surprising was that Barangay Goin Elementary School was awarded for the first place of Cleanest and Greenest Elementary School in the municipality! The award was received by the school prinicipal, Mr. Victor Gamil.

            It was with great pride that Goin was recognized to have improved. Though not yet as better as the rest, we are almost certain that someday, someday it won’t just be better – it will definitely be the best.

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