Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Goin’ Exceptional

Every dwelling is different in its own way. The wonder of the place fitted together to be just the perfect image is a breath taker. This is how our Creator constructed our Earth, fitted perfectly and unique; just how it should be. As the days passed by, one would ask if what is exceptional with Barangay Goin. Aside from the long journey ahead and the vast land that is filled by coconut and rubber trees, corn and rice plantation, and abundance of mango and banana fruits, there are still a lot of things to be amazed of. Count till five.

The moment you arrive the place, a warm welcome and a big smile from the people will greet you. Strangers as we are, it is a wonder why these people would accept us with open arms. They welcome us in their homes and even offered us their food. Their heart is so big for us, whom they didn’t know very well. Their diligence is also an admiration. Those extensive walks just to reach the spring wells and fetch pails of water and wash their clothes, to go in their farms to plant or harvest their crops, to collect sap from rubber trees, and climb tall coconut trees to get coconut fruits are the things they do every day to survive and be able to smile again. Their hardship is a great deal compared to the hardship of the person who has been provided with everything but still complains of anything. To be with them, you will learn to appreciate of what you have and learn to strive hard of what you don’t have.

Another is their eagerness to be successful in life. I met a family there and got a chance to talk to them. They cannot afford to light their house or even buy a second hand appliances or even a pair of used shoes yet they work hard just to send their three children in college. For the couple, it is an achievement to witness their children standing on the stage and receiving their diplomas. Their pride is shown through the tears they shed while they talk about it. It only proves that money is not totally a hindrance to be successful. It is how you work for it and give your best shot to reach to the top and remain rooted on the ground. 

And their being humble is a plus point, which is one of the many things the people tend to forget to carry with their success. Being humble is, looking back on where they started empty –handed yet they didn’t forget to help other people who are also in need. They give what they can give. They share what little they have and still they are fulfilled. This is one of the many things that ought to teach us a lesson; to always stay humble.

Lastly, but not the least, is the beautiful sunrise every morning. It always astonished me how God created the sunrise to remind us to hope every day and cling to the promises He has for us. The abundance and blessings is sustained as the sun rises to provide us the heat and the light we need to live. This is what Barangay Goin exceptional. This is what Barangay Goin amazing because our Divine Creator is at work in this place. The churches build here signify how the people wanting to be with our God. And this is incredibly going exceptional.

 Written by: Mic Elizarde

A hello kitty addict, sweet and shy girl who desires to cook for her family and friends


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