Tuesday, October 27, 2015

“Presyon Ko, Isasayaw Ko!”


            The month of October brought a new storm to the humble village of Goin. That storm is what we would like to call: DYNAMISM.
            In the past few exposures, the team of medical students called GOINnovate started identifying Hypertensive residents in the village and dispensed Blood Pressure cards that serve to monitor their progress and compliance during therapy.
            To further promote a healthy lifestyle in the community, the team spearheaded the activity “Presyon Ko, Isasayaw Ko!” a 30-45-minute dance routine held every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at 5 in the afternoon at the Covered Court, Barangay Hall. The dance routines alternate between Zumba steps and a cardio workout video by the American Health Association.
            The activity began without much expectation as only few people attended. But in the next few schedules, more and more residents joined the activity, including children. To the shock of the team members, even a few elderly joined in.

            Although the activity was tiring, the team members and the residents enjoyed it very much; smiles replaced sweats and sores, and hearts grew stronger and healthier.

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