Health Problem: Low TB case detection rate

     Tuberculosis is a problem that plagued humanity for ages and it cannot be taken for granted especially in this developing phase of our country. The manner of tuberculosis is being transferred, via air borne, cannot remove the possibility of it infecting a great number of the population. A high incidence of tuberculosis has been noted in areas with high crowding index, low rate of literacy and incomes below the poverty threshold.
     With this the group had come-up with solutions addressing exogenous factor that increases the risk of acquiring the disease. These solutions involves providing awareness to the community and involving the community in the prevention and detection of the disease. Not only these solutions address that the mentioned factor but it also address the issue on social stigma that hinders individuals from seeking treatment.
     Hopefully with these simple solutions, tuberculosis will be prevented and the community will be aware and proactive in the campaign against it. It would be nice if would support the cause.

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