Solid Waste Managment

Health Problem: Solid Waste Management
      Barangay Goin is a rural and agricultural community among the 37 barangays of the Municipality of Liloy, Zamboanga del Norte province. Due to its distant location from the municipality proper (about 12km), and the difficult mountainous terrain, a garbage collection system has not been provided for the barangay. 52% of the residents in the community do not practice waste segregation, the rest of the 48% practice waste segregation. 62% burn their garbage; 35% throw their garbage in a compost pit; 3% throw their garbage openly anywhere.
     Because of the absence of a garbage collection system, knowledge deficit regarding the methods of proper ecological solid waste management, improper segregation of wastes, and population growth, growing urbanization and modernization, the community is at risk for multiple problems that target their health. Possible outcomes from this problem are sources of infectious diseases, degradation of soil and water quality, breeding sites for vectors, leaching, medical conditions, and decreased aesthetic value of the community.
     The Ateneo de Zamboanga University – School of Medicine, Team GOINnovate, has strategized a plan for the advocacy and reinforcement of proper ecological solid waste management in the barangay through the Republic Act 9003 “Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000”. The plan runs through a systematized assessment and presentation of the problem to the community, followed by coordinating and planning of the program solutions.

Achievements for the 2nd Exposure:
  • Proposed the formation of a Barangay Solid Waste Committee. 
  • A copy of the municipal ordinance on Solid Waste Management has been obtained.
  •  A copy of the municipality’s Ecological Solid Waste Management Plan has been obtained.

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